Piercing & ramming



Why Impact Mole tool is the best choice?

READY FOR HARD WORK CONDITIONS: Impact Mole pneumatic tools work in difficult conditions like mud , contaminants, water, etc.

  • Every Impact Mole model has a rubber lift valve (splasher), which opens at machine's exhaust, and shuts-off then. It makes difficult getting the dirt and other pollution into the machine. With the use of this system, our machines can operate even under the water. None of the known competitive machines have similar system.
  • Non-seals technology is special hardening process. We eliminated soft and sensitive teflon® seals and replaced them of hard steel surfaces. The hardness of that surfaces is even 100 more than the teflon®
    seals. It makes our tools tight through long time of work.

HIGH EFFICIENCY: Impact Mole tools have high power to weight coefficent. Light weight tools can be used for higher level works. The main profit of efficiency is saving of time – very important in pipe ramming.

NON-SEALS TECHNOLOGY: All of the Impact Mole tools are  produced  in NON-SEALS TECHNOLOGY. Susceptible teflon® seals have been eliminated and replaced by hardened steel surfaces. The benefit is that Impact Mole internal parts invariably keep their tightness. Our expearience says, that properly exploiting machines are worn out minimally even after 2-3 years of operating.  Worn out internal parts may be seal up in the low cost technology. That process restores full power of the tool.

USE OF EXPANDERS: Impact Mole tools good poin is effective work with expanders- its fast and convenient. We eliminated unconvenient pulling using steel line. Easy on-off expanders fix system has not influence on degree of wear.

PRICE: You can purchase an exellent quality tool in a lower price.  Save 20-50% comparing to the competitive products.

WIDE RANGE OF EQUIPMENT: The equipment is necessary to execute most of operations. Wide range of expanders, stretchers, cones and accesories gives you an opportunity of completly use of your tool.

WARRANTY: Regardless of work conditions and run of tool Impact Mole Pneumatic grants a special tightness guarantee (for inside parts wear).


  • Avoidance of regular teflon® seals replacement
  • Low air consumption
  • Cheap oils usage allowed
  • Low cost spare parts
  • Low cost repairs
  • Avoidance of often work stoppages